Environmental Issues have an impact on many other issues, but most particularly economic issues and energy issues. They also have an impact on a variety of social issues. I’ll try to address many of those issues here, but I’ll start with the two environmental issues that I consider the most significant: (1) Global Warming and (2) Environmental Regulations.

Global Warming: Climate change, often erroneously as “global warming” is the most important environmental issue facing the world. It is not just the most important environmental issue, it is, in my opinion, the most important long term issue of any kind facing the world today. It we do not address the issue and reduce the amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere, we will radically alter the world’s environment, and this will have a profound impact on humanity. It may lead to major loss of life, and it may lead to economic and political instability around the world. It is, in my opinion, a truly existential issue.

I discuss the issue in further detail in the following essay:

     The Simple Science of Climate Change: If you have ever noticed that it stays warmer at night when it is humid that dry, you are familiar with the basic science of climate change.

     A Note on Global Cooling:  A few scientists in the 1960’s thought smog and visible pollution might actually cool the environment. The idea was tested by scientists, and rejected.

     Science Getting it Right: The modern world is the world of science getting it right. Your computer, cell phone, GPS, etc., ect., all work because science gets it right. They’re not wrong on climate change either.

Business and Climate Change: Conservatives suggest that only liberals and environmentalists believe in climate change, but that is simply not true. Many businesses, big and small, understand the issue and want to be part of the solution. Conservatives also suggest that dealing with climate change will hurt the economy, but many businesses actually view it as an economic opportunity.

The reality is that most Fortune 500 companies believe in, and are significantly worried about, climate change. The GOP and FoxNews are the outliers.

I discuss the issue in more detail in the following essay: Business and Climate Change

An excellent resource to check out is the Climate Declaration Campaign

Environmental Regulations: Conservatives constantly complain about environmental regulation, and the burden it supposedly places on business. But what they fail to address is the cost of the alternatives to regulation. They also fail to note that environmental laws have dramatically improved the environment and the quality of life of the people of the nation. This is an economic boon, as well as a quality of life issue.

I address the costs and alternatives to environmental regulations here: Environmental Regulations.